Gr8r Technology is a bunch of "geeks" and "nerds" helping entrepreneurs make their customers happy!

We help business owners ensure their customers have a greater experience in the five critical areas of 1) communicating with their business, 2) searching for their type of products and services; 3) shopping their various offerings for best fit and value; 4) buying their products and services, and 5) using their products and services.

• Communicating
Customers can communicate with your business in any way that’s easy, simple and convenient for them.

• Searching
Customers can quickly find your brand, products and services and determine they meet their needs, wants or dreams.

• Shopping
Customers can easily get info about your various products or services, including features, pricing, quality, etc.

• Buying
Customers can easily pay for your products or services with their preferred form of payment and payment terms.

• Using
Customers enjoy using your products or services, because they’re “user-friendly”- simple, easy, and well supported.

In February 2009, Gr8r Technology started helping Comcast, Spectrum and other MSO telecommunications companies provide a greater experience for their business customers by fixing the many problems with their business class phone service.  So many of their customers were complaining about the lack of important features that businesses need, but were not available through these and other major telecommunications companies, like Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, etc. Through innovation, Gr8r Technology solved this problem by developing a full suite of "add-on" features and services to fill the gaps and holes in the phone and Internet services offered by Cox Communications and other coax cable based telephone companies and ISPs.  We not only developed ideal "add-on" telecom products, but also engineered a new type of integration that enabled us to integrate our "add-ons" with their phone and Internet services seamlessly! Because of our innovation, businesses using the phone & Internet services of Comcast, Spectrum, and other MSOs began having a greater customer experience!

Now, starting 2019, Gr8r Technology is focusing on helping entrepreneurs use technology to make their customers happy, bring innovation and disruption to their industries, and create new markets.