Gr8r Technology helps entrepreneurs make it easier for customers to communicate with their business.

Internet Communications enable your customers to communicate with your business over the Internet, and empower you to receive and respond to messages from any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer, as well as any smartphone! You can also send SMS reminders, notifications, updates, and other messages to customers at any time!
Gr8r Technology enables customers to use the form of communication they prefer to contact your
business at hours that’s more convenient
for them, and receive faster responses
to their calls and messages.

Gr8r Technology also empowers you
to reach out, engage, and initiate interaction with customers using the most effective form of communication for each individual customer.
Phone Communications enable your customers to communicate with your business over-the-phone, and empower your to receive and respond to phone calls on any phone, in any location at any time! You can also reach out to customers via automated Interactive voice messaging for reminders, satisfaction surveys and more!


Virtual Phone Service

If you have NO physical office, we empower you with all of the sophisticated features of a business class phone system, enabling you to deliver a greater customer experience, from any phone, at any time, in any location.

VoIP Phone Service

If you have a home office, small office, retail store or service center, we can provide business class phone service over your Internet connection, enabling your office staff to deliver a greater customer experience.

Mobile Phone System

If you need to run your entire business from your smartphone, we can turn your smartphone into a powerful, full featured, business phone system, enabling you to deliver a greater customer experience on-the go, in any location, at any time!

Virtual Call Center

If your team is working in different locations and using different devices, we can empower the members of your team to log-in at any time, from any location, on any device, and help deliver greater experiences to your customers.

Outbound IVR

You can send automated interactive voice messages to customers for post-sale follow ups, satisfaction surveys, sales promotions, appointment reminders, updates, notifications, confirmations, etc.  Customers can interact with the message and respond in real-time by pressing keys on their phone keypad.  All customer responses and interactions are recorded and reported back to you, helping you ensure your customers having a greater experience with your business!


Web Texting

Let customers text your business instead of forcing them to always call your business, making your business “text friendly”, eliminating “phone tag” and “email lag”!  You can also text your customers from your business number- not your personal cell phone!

"Live" Text Chat

Let customers communicate with your business “live” in real-time on your website, blog, and social media via quick two-way typed conversations.  You can also share documents, photos, and videos with customers in real-time, while they’re on your website!

Gr8r Mail

Give customers a unique email address for their favorite products or services, so they receive faster responses and results when they email your business.  Gr8r mail automatically processes emails from customers, including extracting, filtering, sorting, routing, uploading and more!


Let customers contact your business, get information, and place orders 24/7 on their favorite social media sites like Facebook. Your chatbot automatically answers their questions and processes their orders using the best in AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

Video Messenger

Let customers use their webcam or smartphone to record and send video messages to you from your website, blog or social media sites, so they can “show” you instead of just telling you. You can also send video messages to your customers who prefer “seeing” instead of “reading”.

Video Chat

Let customers shop, buy and get support on your products and services face-to-face, from their computer or smartphone.  You can also reach out, engage and interact with customers face-to-face, from any computer, tablet or smartphone, at any time, in any location.

Instant Messaging

Empower your team to collaborate and communicate with each other quickly and in real-time while helping a customer. Your team can work together to answer questions and resolve issues while the customer is on the phone or on your website.

Gr8r Fax

Make your business “fax friendly” for customers who still prefer to send and receive documents via fax. You can fax documents to customers from your email account, and receive faxes from customers in your email inbox. No fax machine needed!

Voice Recorder

Let customers who just love to talk, but don’t like to make phone calls, record and send a voice message to you from your website, blog, etc.  You receive their voice message via email and SMS text message, so you can respond quickly and effectively.